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Consider your relation to the deceased.


Different types of floral arrangements are sent by individuals with different familial proximity to the deceased. Consider this when choosing an arrangement of flowers to send.


Choose a casket spray or wreath if you are from the immediate family. Alternate arrangements from immediate family can include table arrangements, swags inside the casket lid, and heart-shaped arrangements.


Choose a spray or informal arrangement if you are a member of the extended family.


Make a tribute to the personality of the deceased.


Flowers can be used as a way to subtly recognize that which the deceased loved to do in life. Choosing a unique bouquet with a special meaning to you is a great way to honor the life of the deceased.


If the deceased loved the outdoors, send a basket of rustic wildflowers.


If the deceased always dressed in yellow, consider sending a bouquet of yellow flowers.


If the deceased was an avid gardener, consider sending a plant that can be planted by the family outdoors to honor their loved one. Potted plants have symbolic meaning because they will continue to live and grow.]Send a spray, wreath, basket arrangement, bouquet in a vase, or a live plant if you are a close friend or colleague.


Purchasing and Sending Flowers


Friends can send flowers directly to the funeral home or to the home of the family member that they wish to comfort, while business associates can have flowers delivered to the work of the family member


Contact Fleuradamo a local florist to make sure you are sending the right type and right arrangement of flowers. Kathrine Armstrong Bisson of Fleuradamo is well-versed in composing various types of floral arrangements for funerals.

Provide Kathrine with information about the deceased, including the name and the date, time, and location of the funeral service.

Prepare your message for the card that will be sent with your arrangement. The most common and simple note is “I’m/We’re sorry for your loss” or “With deepest sympathy.” However, you may choose to write a longer and more personalized message..

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Funeral Flowers


Sending flowers is a common way of expressing sympathy to the family of a deceased individual. Flowers, used to anoint the dead in ancient times and used to adorn the casket and/or burial site today, are meant to comfort those who are grieving and serve as a reminder of the spirit of life. Sending flowers is a wonderful way to let the bereaved know that they are in your thoughts. The flowers you send will hopefully help to celebrate life, provide comfort, and lift the spirit of the relatives of the deceased

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