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Our new fleet of Mercedes Funeral Cars for 2017

York’s only Funeral Director to offer for hire an American hearse and matching superior Cadillac limousine, both are from California and have 6 litre V8 engines. The price for both vehicles is £450, and we can add an extra black limousine for a further £140.00


Owning these vehicles allows us to keep our prices low.

Our prestigious Daimler which is one of the finest vehicles of its kind left in the Country.

This was the last of ‘the real limousines’ built by Daimler and only built strictly to order. Building only 4141 between 1968 and 1992 they were the popular choice of Heads of State, Ministry of Defence and Government Agencies throughout the entire World.


Most were supplied in Burgundy and Black and as such were chosen by the countries finest Funeral Directors and Carriage Masters. The Royal Mews ran 3 of these at any one time and were the Queen Mothers favourite car, so much so, she ordered 5.


Despite most of their number being supplied in black, it is now by far the rarest vehicle to find with estimated figures saying only 60 or 70 remain in the Country and more than half of the 4141 are now scrapped it makes this a sought after vehicle by collectors the World over.

Powered by a highly refined six cylinder engine with overhead camshafts the engine is at home with low speeds of a State Procession or cruising swiftly, smoothly and quietly along a motorway. Its overall length is 226” and weighs in at a massive 4703 Lbs

For comfort and luxury this vehicle is unsurpassed giving the largest passanger compartment

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