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Sending flowers is a wonderful way to let the bereaved know that they are in your thoughts. The flowers you send will hopefully help to celebrate life, provide comfort, and lift the spirit of the relatives of the deceased

Our unique fleet serves British Isles-wide from St. Ives to Dover, The Channel Isles to The Outer Hebrides and Swansea to Skegness. Wherever you are, don't worry, we'll get there.

Recommended Yorkshire Celebrants


A qualified celebrant will take the time to listen to the life story of the person who has died, to learn about their passions, what made them tick; and will craft a ceremony that reflects them.


Georgina Pugh - Professional Celebrant working in East and North Yorkshire and the City of York



Wayne Evans - Registered Independant Civil Celebrant


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West Yorkshire Dog Rescue


West Yorkshire Dog Rescue is a Registered Charity managed by Committee on a totally voluntary basis. We have a policy that every dog coming into our rescue centre is treated with love and respect and given the utmost care.

Why choose a Perfect Choice Funeral Plan?


When you choose a Perfect Choice pre-paid funeral plan, you get the benefit of many years of experience. That’s because independent funeral directors have designed these funeral plans based on their vast knowledge and what people want.

Our Services


The first step is to have a meeting with Hayley Owen who will talk about the life of the person who has died and the sort of funeral that you want to have. This will normally take between 1 -2 hours, she will give you as much time as you need during this meeting. You will be asked to make choices such as:


The type of coffin, traditional wooden construction or something different, willow or bamboo or cardboard. You will find details of Coffins & Caskets here.


A ceremony with religion, without religion or no ceremony at all.


The venue, a church, the crematorium or somewhere else, maybe in their garden or another place they loved.


Burial or cremation.


Transport, traditional hearse and limousines; possibly a horse drawn hearse, or a motorcycle hearse.


Music. Usually contemporary music, religious music is normally arranged with the minister.


Who will carry the coffin?


What is to happen to the cremated remains (ashes)?


Will you require a newspaper notice?


Do you want us to arrange flowers?


We will complete any necessary statutory paperwork during this meeting and explain any legal procedures we have to put in place.


Costs will be discussed costs at this stage and you will receive an estimate of charges at the end of the arrangement.


After meeting with you to discuss the funeral service the relevant officials and authorities will be contacted on your behalf and the arrangements put in place. This will be in consultation with yourselves and if any changes need to be made we will gain your approval first.


The minister or celebrant will then make contact with you to arrange a meeting to discuss the life of your loved one and the form that the service will take, if anyone would like to make a tribute or eulogy during the service it is advisable to discuss this with the officiant at this stage.


We will also take care of any musical requirements you have, ensuring they are available and in place at your chosen venue.

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