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Only certain people can register the death


A relative of the deceased who was present at the time of death

A relative of the deceased who was with them during the last illness

A relative of the deceased who lives in the same district

Any person present at the death

The occupier e.g. Matron or Officer in Charge of a nursing home, rest home or public institution, provided they knew of the illness prior to death

The person responsible for giving instructions for the funeral e.g. executor, solicitor or similar



What you need to show the registrar


You must have the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (this is issued by the doctor who attended the deceased during their last illness).

It’s a good idea to take the deceased’s medical card, which contains their NHS number

Birth and marriage certificates (if available)

What the registrar will need to know


The date and place of death

The full name of the deceased (and maiden name for a married woman)

The usual address of the deceased

The date and place of birth of the deceased

The last occupation of the deceased (and name and occupation of husband, if applicable)

Details of any pension or allowance from public funds.

If the deceased was married, the date of birth of the surviving spouse

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