Death at Home

Inform the family doctor of the death as soon as possible. He or she will then attend and (if there is not going to be a coroner involved) will give you a medical certificate of cause of death. Sometimes the GP will ask you to visit the surgery the next day to collect it.

Death at Hospital

When a death occurs in a hospital the procedure is similar to the procedure at home. A medical certificate of cause of death is available from the bereavement suite.


In some unexplained cases, or where the deceased hasn't seen a doctor in the previous 14 days, the Coroner's office will take over. After staff there have completed their work (there might or might not be an inquest, depending on the circumstances) they will release the relevant paperwork to the Registrar's office.

Other Circumstances

If a death occurs away from home and not in a hospital or care home, you will probably be informed by the police. Officers will help you find a local funeral director. They should also ask if there is anyone who can be with you at this traumatic time.


How do I register a death?

You should normally register a death in the area where the person died, within 5 days. You can register a death if you're a relative of the person who's died, were present when it happened, are responsible for making funeral arrangements or are an administer the property where the person died (such as care home manager or hospital officer).

Registering the death must be done at the Registrar's office. It's best to ring and book an appointment. This will give you time to sort out relevant documents and gather required information.

For further information see Registering a Death or download our printable guide.

Information needed by the register's office

  1. Full name and any other names used by the deceased
  2. Date and place of death
  3. Date and place of birth
  4. Occupation
  5. Last address
  6. If married, full name, date of birth and occupation of the surviving spouse
  7. If deceased was in receipt of any state pension or benefits

Documentation needed by the register's office

  1. The medical certificate of cause of death
  2. The NHS medical card of the deceased
  3. The birth certificate of the deceased
  4. The marriage or civil partnership certificate of the deceased  (if applicable)

York Register Office

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