Hearse - black landrover

Land Rover Defender Hearse

Available from One Life Lived are two Defender Hearses, one in black and another in green. The green Defender is a multipurpose vehicle as the deck is removable so it can be used as a follow on vehicle if required.


Motorbike and Trike Hearses

Motorcycle Funerals, the longest established and best-known provider of motorbike hearses, offers clients a choice of either a Triumph Bonneville, a Triumph Thunderbird, a Harley Davidson or a Suzuki Hayabusa. The bikes are immaculately presented and ridden by experienced riders. You have the option of a passenger riding pillion alongside the coffin


Horse Drawn Carriage

With a choice of either black or white carriages with elegant matching coloured horses and feathered plumes, Hanson Carriage Hire offer a truly memorable experience.


VW Campervans

Volkswagon Funerals offer a classic VW hearse fleet. You can choose from show winning 'Hearseby' the 1972 bay window hearse, or 'Ernie' the 1965 split screen hearse in two-tone silver for those who love the earlier model.


Lambretta Hearse 1967

Lambretta Lambro 550N 1967 Hearse. This is the only original Lambretta hearse in the UK. Date of production April 1967 ~ March 1969. Life is Better with a Lambretta. This vehicle has been completely restored and repainted, colour matched to the original Innocenti paint. Join the jet-Set On a fully modified 1967 Lambro hearse for your final journey, reserve yourself a first class ticket anywhere, get around better, travel Lambretta, The worlds finest scooter since 1947.



Currently the only provider in the country of a Subaru Impreza WRX hearse, adorned with the famous '555 WRC' graphics and the unmistakable flat four rumble. The vehicle pays true homage to not just Rallying, or even Subarus WRC glory days, but stands as a true icon in automotive history, representing motorsport passion at the highest level. ​The Subaru was carefully restored and professionally converted in 2019 and caters for a range of coffin sizes.

Woodlands Cem (1)

HGV hearse

Offering the personal touch for any HGV Driver or Truck Enthusiast alike. This ERF Olympic, a British iconic truck, has been carefully designed with attention to detail to become a bespoke and unique truck hearse. £POA

“Bramwell” – 1957 Rolls Royce Hearse

Bromwell - Rolls Royce Hearse

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Mk 1 (1957) is a stunning piece of automotive history. With its classic silver flying lady ahead of the two-litre petrol engine with automatic gearbox, it is unaffected by modern technology and yet still holds its head high in a superior class of its own. Finished in beautiful black livery it draws the attention of passers-by and exudes a feeling of class and opulence unmatched by modern day vehicles. Superbly maintained by trusted and respected Rolls Royce & Bentley specialists it really is the pride of our fleet and has been used for our family Funerals and Rolls Royce enthusiasts alike as well as those who’d like their loved one’s final journey to be in one of the finest British Marques.

“Ernie” – 1965 VW Split Screen Hearse

Ernie - 1965 VW split Screen Hearse

Being the deluxe model, Ernie had some nice factory fitted 'bling' to set him apart from the working commercial van, including a classic retro sound system with an auxiliary input, should you want us to play your loved ones' favourite music, but please note, this is not a CD player! added to this 13-window deluxe model with stainless steel bumpers, chrome wheels and two-tone silver paintwork.

“Hearseby” – 1972 VW Bay Window Hearse

Hearseby - 1972 VW Bay Window Hearse

This unique funeral vehicle was a factory commissioned 'Leichenwagen' (Hearse) and coach built by a firm called Fritz Freckinger in Augsburg Germany in 1972. He is one of very few still remaining and the only one known to be in operation in the UK as a funeral vehicle, if not the world!

“Trevor” – 1968 Austin 6CWT Van Hearse

Trevor - Austin 6CWT Van Hearse

'Trevor' is our lovely little Austin 6CWT van and has been a renovation project over the last couple of years. He is presented in Rolls Royce Georgian silver coachwork to match 'Ernie' from our Volkswagen Funerals selection of hearses and has lots of shiny trim and some delicate signage.

“Trudy” – 1965 Morris Minor Traveller Hearse

Trudy - Morris Minor Traveller Hearse

Trudy the Traveller provides some comfort to think that the final journey will be made in a classic car and a Morris Minor in particular. Relatives have found reassurance that their loved one will be in the company of fellow enthusiasts, in this lovingly converted and purpose-built Morris Minor Hearse. Trudy has been totally rebuilt and converted with loving care over many years and is finished in traditional black.

“Big Ben” – London Fairways Taxi Hearse

Big Ben - London Fairway Taxi Hearse

“Big Ben” is our fully restored Fairways London Taxi. Big Ben was manufactured in 1996 by the Coventry Taxi Manufacturer Carbodies (which later went on to become LEVC) and started life as an iconic Black Cab plying his trade around the nation’s capital.

“Monty” – Land Rover 101 Forward Control Hearse

Monty - Land Rover 101 Forward Control Hearse

“Monty” is our fully restored 1 Tonne Land Rover 101 (Forward Control). Monty started life in 1975 in the Military and was attached to The Royal Marines in Devon and used as a troop and supplies carrier. Following release from MOD stock, Monty eventually found a new home in Colchester which is where we purchased him from in January 2022.